Famous Students

time cover pickeringTwo famous scientists have "laid down the gauntlet" for Havelock School pupils to aim for the best in all their pursuits. Both Lord Ernest Rutherford, winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry, and William Pickering KBE, the pioneering space and satellite scientist, attended this Marlborough Sounds school many years ago.

This rich history of scientific achievement guides important elements of the school's philosophies - learning for life and teaching students to think for themselves.

Children need to be able to ask good questions and ask them at the right time and place. We aim to teach them a reasoned approach to understanding and ensure they're aware also of the social aspects of learning for example, being game enough to ask a 'dumb' question if they don't understand something.

Teachers promote the skills required to sort through the mountains of information now available to students, while learning to co-operate and work as part of a team are also viewed as being important. Ensuring higher level thinking skills are passed onto children is important and needs to be balanced with the curriculum's requirements to teach the basics of numeracy and literacy.

To find out more about either Rutherford or Pickering click onto one of the links. One day we hope to have other former students featuring on this page. Now there is a challenge!Rutherford