Kaituna Learning Area

Welcome to Kaituna!  Our class is Year 0-2 so is where all New Entrants begin.

Children approaching their 5th birthdays will be invited by letter to attend approximately 4 visits in the classroom in the month leading up to attending school full time.  If your child is nearing this exciting time and you have not heard from me, please ring or call in to the office to be sure we have your contact details.
Our class literacy programme focuses on a sound each week.  Children are encouraged to bring an item from home for the sound table.  Where possible our words of the week reflect the week’s sound focus.  On Fridays we wrap up the week’s sound with an activity, usually creating art.
The morning routine is based around our Calendar work and children take turns leading this.  Amongst other items we cover the date, events for the day, and count the number of days at school this year so far.  We have a class celebration when we reach the 100th day.
Our school-wide topic this year is POWER.  In Kaituna this topic will include work in science, social studies, health and technology.  

Jacqueline Pretty