Marlborough Technology Centre





Year 7 & 8 students attend the Marlborough Technology Centre in Blenheim in two nine-week blocks/semesters for practical aspects of the Technology Curriculum. The centre has the facilities to teach all areas of the curriculum: Materials Technology, (textiles, wood, metal, and plastics), Biotechnology, Food Technology, Electronics and Control, Digital Technology, Structures and Mechanisms and Production and Process Technology. Design & Graphics are an integral part of all areas.


Every endeavour will be made to ensure that students cover all technological areas during the two year period they attend the Centre.

A materials fee is charged at the beginning of each year and payable to our school office (included on the stationery list and can be paid quarterly). It covers resources that the students use in the centre or that can be taken home. This includes all food, fabric or textiles, wood, metal plastics, electronic components and consumable materials such as paper and photocopying.

The safety of students is very important during practical classes. Students are not permitted to work in the centre without covered shoes. Shoes must cover all of the foot up to the ankle. Leather lace up school shoes are the most suitable. Long hair must be tied back. No chains or rings should be worn.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children prepare in adequate time any requirements necessary. This preparation should be seen as an integral part of homework.

From time to time, parents are invited to visit the centre and see one of New Zealand's foremost centres in operation. Do take the opportunity - some great things are done andMTC Note horizons extended.

Civil Defence Emergency ~ IMTC2n the event of an emergency occurring, the centre will initially take care of your child if you are unable to reach the centre. After a three hour period it may be necessary to close the centre and report with the remaining students to our nearest Civil Defence Sector Headquarters at Mayfield School. If this is done, a sign will be posted on the door. For those students who travel to the centre from out of town and/or over a major river where the bridge/s or roads might be damaged, the centre will contact the "local person in the area" nominated by parents on the enrolment form in February who will be asked to collect your child. A record of who and when etc will be logged.