Pelorus Learning Area

Welcome to Pelorus. We are a class of students ranging from year 6-8.

Our class has a strong focus on self-management and learner agency, in which students drive their own learning, with support as necessary. 

During Literacy we are involved in a NZ wide Chapter Chat. This involves a novel being read aloud by the teacher and students engaging in weekly tasks and questions, which are then shared on Twitter with other students involved across New Zealand. This regular activity allows students to develop listening comprehension, think critically about texts and respond actively and imaginitively to literature. 

We will also be following the CAFE framework, to deepen reading comprehension, accuracy, fluency and to also expand vocabulary. Students are grouped according to the strategies they need. 

Bex Learning Hubs for Maths and Literacy are being used to enable students to progress through their learning individually. These google sites provide students with valuable information at their fingertips, to help them advance quicker and also look back, should they need to revisit any learning.

Topic this year is based on the concept of Power, which can be interpretted in many different ways; sources of power, power of authority, power of vocabulary and many more. 


Tracey Wearing