The Board of Trustees expects that every child in this school shall have the best possible learning opportunity. This involves the provision of  a balanced programme that enables all learners to acquire existing knowledge and skills, while at the same time developing capabilities to create knowledge and practise new skills. Basic skills will be learnt. Physical abilities will be enhanced. Realistic personal standards of achievement will be set. Scholarship will be valued and encouraged at every level. Every child will be aware of the dual cultural heritage of New Zealand and the multi-cultural nature of our society.NZCKCweb

The New Zealand Curriculum recognises that all students should have the opportunity to undertake study in essential areas of learning and to deve lop essential skills. Such learning will enable them to develop their potential, to continue learning throughout life, and to participate effectively and  productively in New Zealand's democratic society and in a competitive world economy.

The New Zealand Curriculum includes a vision, principles, values, key competencies and identifies the following learning areas...


The Arts

Health & Physical Education

Learning Languages  (incl second Lang)

Mathematics & Statistics


Social Sciences (incl careers)


The very wide and constantly changing nature of the curriculum places heavy demands on the staff and resources of a small school. The staff, through a school-wide professional development programme work hard to remain abreast of modern trends, practices and initiatives. The school encourages parents to be involved in curriculum matters whenever the opportunities present themselves.