Our Vision, Values and Mission

Our Vision

Providing a safe and nurturing primary learning community where trustees, parents, staff and pupils work together as a team, where equal opportunities are provided and success is enjoyed by all, where individuals are valued and learning for personal development as well as academic attainment is promoted, dual heritage celebrated and learning valued as a process that is life-long.

Our Values

The double dolphin exemplifies the value of consideration for others promoted in our school - the bigs nurturing the littles. Students have the task early each year to examine these concepts as each, individually and collectively, determine how their behaviour can be based on values articulated by their community both within and beyond the school, and options chosen.

After a recent review of school values as part of the PB4L framework, our students, staff and community have decided on the following:

Respect         Responsibility         Resilience

The resultant challenge to the learning community of students, parents, staff and trustees, indeed the whole community in which it sits, is to walk-the-talk . While easily identified in discussion during consultation, it is the daily face value exposed that speaks volumes about the worth of the currency.

Our Mission

Upon establishment in 1861, the school community identified the following as its mission;

To help our children learn for life.

This was modernised during the genesis of the school's charter under the reforms of Tomorrow's Schools in the late 80's. The school's mission nowadays is expressed as the logo

Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life
making meaning, throughout life, habits of mind, higher order thinking, creativity & adaptability, better life, well-being and happiness through learning