Stationery Lists 2020

In 2020 students are home-roomed in one of the following learning areas Kaituna, Wakamarina or Pelorus. To avoid any confusion, stationery lists are therefore organised into separate class lists. Simply click on the link below and the pdf file can be downloaded to your computer for reference and/or printing. Please note, a number of the items are specific to the school and are not generally available in shops and so have been ordered by the school directly from the publisher for sale through the school office.

There is no immediate concern if your child has no items when the school opens on Wed 29 January, although a pencil would be great. Class teachers will work with students during the first week to check requirements using the same lists/forms and once finalised, liaise with the office and parents to arrange supply and payment. The lists are useful in that they will give an accurate guide for parents wanting to know the prospective costs for stationery and other related items at the beginning of the year. Prices have been set but can only be held till the end of February but where possible, will be maintained as long as possible throughout the remainder of the year.

Kaituna (Year 1 - 2)

Wakamarina (Year 3, 4 & 5)

Pelorus (Year 6, 7 & 8)