New Enrolment

Six weeks prior to a child's fifth birthday it is expected that enrolment formalities will have been completed at the time of a meeting with the principal and/or new entrant teacher. An appointment for an interview should be arranged through the office and will generally occur after 15:15. Following enrolment, about a month before the child's fifth birthday, the new entrant teacher will organise several pre-school familiarisation visits. These could be planned for the morning and/or the afternoon.

Parents are welcome to be with their child to watch them settle down and should feel free to stay/leave as they like. With all the formalities out of the way the special first day at school is free to be enjoyed by parents and child.

Children are entitled to start school the day they have their fifth birthday. Although children may be pre-enrolled prior to this, regulations forbid them attending school before they have reached the age of five. They must generally enter a school by the time they are six or have parents who have met the Ministry's criteria for an exemption.

Items Required/Discussed

When you enrol your child you will be asked to complete the online enrolment form and supply various types of information as follows;

  1. Enrolment Form - for school records - details such as name, parents, home address, legal guardians, emergency contacts, early childhood education, special education/health needs etc.

  2. Immunisation Certificate - New Entrants, those starting school for the first time in New Zealand, will need a certificate showing their immunisation status. Please arrange with your GP/Medical Centre and provide the school with a photocopy. This may already be entered on ENROL, the national student database, by health professionals.

  3. Birth Certificate - to verify both age and eligibility. Children may not attend school as a student before their fifth birthday. Schools are legally required to record verification that they have sighted the child's birth certificate and may take a copy.

Get a Birth certificate

You may be able to arrange this over the phone. Check by ringing this number first…

0800 22 77 77 (They will accept payment by credit card for phone orders.)

Other discussion points could include:

  1. Pre-school experience(s).

  2. If of Māori descent, that the correct iwi affiliation is recorded.

  3. Considerations re needs/abilities or referrals to Public Health Nurse, Speech Therapist etc.

  4. Any further points requiring clarification - ie buses or conveyance allowance; stationery; expectations generally; parental involvement in school activities; reporting et al.

First Day Requirements

A new entrant requires;

- school bag, lunch and named clothing and hat

- plastic bottle if a drink is provided

- stationery items are available to be purchased through the school

Preparing your Child for School

The development of positive attitudes towards school is most important. Parents have a tremendous responsibility in the establishment of these attitudes because children at this stage do not have the ability to make their own and so mimic those of their parents. If a parent is positive, the child will be relaxed and happy about attending school; ie explain to children that school is a happy place where there are friends and lots of exciting things to do and try.

Before your child starts school, help him/her to keep safe and become familiar with:

1 On the way to and from school - bus stop

a) Basic road and/or bus rules ie sitting facing the front - not moving seats etc

b) Talking to strangers and not accepting rides

c) What the routines are - expectations re driveway etc

d) What to do if you are late picking them up

e) What to do if they find no one home

2 Knowing his/her name, address and phone number

3 Dressing and undressing although help is given with zips, ties and laces (helpful for swimming lessons)

4 Toileting, hand washing/drying and boys may need to be familiarised with urinals

5 Using a tissue to blow their nose/sneezing

Skills such as colours, counting to ten, ability to manage crayons, pencils, scissors, paints etc will usually have been developed naturally through home and pre-school experiences. Children with varied and rich language, number and social experiences start their formal education with a tremendous advantage, one that can last a lifetime.

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The Havelock School Board of Trustees has opted in to the Ministry of Education School Donation Scheme. The school receives funds as part of the operating grant.

This means we do not ask for donations or fees for normal everyday school curriculum activities.

The following is covered by the Ministry of Education Donation Scheme:

  • Swimming,

  • Group trips and excursions,

  • Visiting performers,

  • Google account management

  • Annual subscriptions to various learning platforms

  • Family school donation

We only ask for payment contributions for events to do with optional activities and camps.

Items for payment are:

  • Overnight camps

  • Stationery purchased at school

  • School T-shirts and Hats

  • Year 8 Leavers Dinner

  • Optional sport teams outside of school hours

Information and media release for the Ministry School Donations Scheme is here.