Friends of Havelock School

As well as supporting the school, the FOHS also act as a direct link with the community. Current students are the beneficiaries of a rich history of fundraising. The school is well resourced but of course needs to keep the future in mind as well as update and replace current resources. If you wish to explore further, please make contact with the Chair Person, Rachel Hackett,.

Fundraising is usually limited to student specific projects - such as class trips or camps. But there are from time to time fundraising activities involving the whole school for bigger projects/items and these are augmented with support from charities as well. The hall is a good example of this as are the pool’s solar heating and the Civil Defence 65kva generator.

Havelock School has chosen to opt into the Government Donation Scheme, offered to schools within Decile 1-7. This means the school is given a one-off payment in January, based on the previous year's 1st July school roll. There are no recalculations or recoveries during the year and as part of the donation scheme we are not able to ask parents for donations, with the exception for overnight camps. From time to time, there will be an extra charge/fee to cover other approved outings. These are mainly Education Outside the Classroom events requiring transport, off-site or overnight stays. Yr 7/8 students are charged a materials fee which is also included on the stationery list/s at the beginning of the year. This can be paid quarterly.

No child will be denied any experience should his or her parents be unable to contribute.

Message from the chair

FOHS are a dedicated collaborative group of community members who work together to enhance the resources, & environment of Havelock School.

Our role includes organizing:


                                             -Social events for both children & parents

                                             -Building an inclusive, welcoming school community

The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month   at 7pm. Locations can vary.

Come join us, it is a terrific way to meet others in the community, & be a part of shaping Havelock school into the best it can be for the future, for all Havelock students.

If you don’t wish to join the committee, but have great ideas for or would like to get involved in events, we want to hear from you too.