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Message from the presiding member

Welcome to Havelock School.

On behalf of the Havelock School Board of Trustees I wish to welcome you to our school community.

Within the School campus, you will find a learning environment that is tailored to suit the individual needs of each student, with a strong focus on learner agency and individual goal setting.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for overall governance of the school – ensuring that the school meets all its legal obligations. It oversees the development of the School Charter; sets policies, goals and school rules. This is done in consultation and collaboration with the principal, staff and wider community. The Board also ensures that the school communicates effectively with its community. The principal is responsible for the day to day running of the school. 

Havelock School Board provides culturally responsive strategic leadership and direction. We are accountable for the performance of the school. Our key focus and role is maintaining and fostering student progress and achievement throughout the school.

The School Board of Trustees is a group elected by the school community. We run a staggered election process, this provision enables us to have half the number of our parent representatives elected in a triennial election year and the remainder at a mid-term election 18 months later.

Havelock School Board currently includes: The principal, who is a full member of the board as well as the educational leader of the school, the chief executive, and an employee of the board. A staff trustee, who is nominated and elected by the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff, four parent-elected trustees who bring a parent/community perspective. 

Meeting dates are available on the School calendar and convene Thursdays 4pm in Room 3. Meetings are open to the public and interested parties are welcome to attend. For copies of Board Meeting minutes, please contact the school office.

I strongly encourage parents and prospective parents to contact the School or Board with any questions, comments or concerns that they may have. This will ensure that we are able to continue to maintain the wonderful open and positive learning environment that we currently have.

“Me mahi tahi tātou, mō te oranga o te katoa.”

"We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone."


Kind Regards

Vicki Parker

Havelock School

Presiding Member


The Board of Trustees has statutory powers under the Education Act of 1989 as a Crown entity and is responsible for the governance of the school. The board and its trustees work to ensure that the school is run in the best interests of its students and their community.

The board usually comprises four parent representatives, a staff rep and the principal. The board also has a minute secretary. The board generally meets 6 - 8 times per year in one of the learning areas at 4pm on a Thursday. The dates are set on the school's web calendar and advertised in the newsletter.

The school has a staggered election cycle. The triennial election occurred in September 2022 (3 positions) and the mid-term election will follow in 2023 (2 positions). The public is very welcome to attend any board meetings, check the calendar and come along - they are meetings held in public, not public meetings. Should you wish to consider becoming a trustee at some time then please make contact to find out more.

Tracey Wearing ~ Principal

The principal is a full board member and besides being the school's leader is also the board's executive trustee.

Wk 574 2106          Email principal@havelock.school.nz 

Rachel Hackett ~ Elected Parent Rep (Oct 2023 - )

Email   rachel@havelock.school.nz    

Jade Samuels ~ Elected Parent Rep (Oct 2023 - )

Email   jade@havelock.school.nz 

Colleen Murray ~ Elected Parent Rep (Aug 2022 - )

Tēnā koutou katou

Ko Maungataniwha Te Maunga

Ko Doubtless Bay Te Moana

Ko Colleen Murray Ahau

I live in Havelock with my husband and daughter who attends Havelock School. I grew up in the Far North before becoming a Process Engineer and since then have worked and lived in many different parts of New Zealand before settling in Havelock.  

I strongly believe in a varied education for all and that community and whanau involvement is invaluable for our tamariki. 

I highly endorse the Havelock School values of Responsibility, Respect and Resilience and believe in supporting our teaching staff to coach our tamariki to be independent life-long learners.

Email colleen@havelock.school.nz

Jeanette McCauley ~ Elected Parent Rep (Aug 2022 - )

Jeanette moved into the Havelock community back in 2012. Until recently, Jeanette was on the Friends of Havelock School Committee and was involved in successfully raising funds for Havelock School.  Jeanette is also the Lucky book club volunteer for Havelock School.

Email jeanette@havelock.school.nz

Emma Parnwell ~ Staff Rep (Aug 2022 - )

Emma joined the board as a staff representative in 2022. Emma has been on staff since late 2020 after completing her student practicum at Havelock School. Emma teaches in Kaituna Learning area with Y0/1.

Email emma@havelock.school.nz

Mandy McQuarrie ~ Minute Secretary/Executive Officer

Whilst not a voting member of the board, it is to everyone's advantage to have Mandy attend all board meetings as beside taking minutes etc she, of course, ensures financial records are up to the mark and presented to trustees for deliberation.

Wk 574 2106      Email admin@havelock.school.nz