Our Learning Areas


Welcome to Kaituna!

Our class is New Entrance to Year 2.

Children approaching their 5th birthdays will be invited to attend approximately 2-4 visits in the classroom in the month leading up to attending school full time. If your child is nearing this exciting time and you have not heard from me, please ring the office to be sure we have your contact details.

Kaituna Classroom has many opportunities for fun, hands-on learning wherever possible, with a balance of structured and explicit teaching. Our literacy rotation promotes a positive classroom environment where learners are independent and engaged readers and writers. Our maths rotation involves a mixture of whole-class, small-group, and individual learning. Children in Kaituna, are actively encouraged to explore materials and experiment by looking at patterns, reactions, and focus on communicating with each other.

Ako ngātahi kia tupu tātou

Together we learn – Together we grow

Nga mihi,

Emma Parnwell



Welcome to Wakamarina, a class of Year 3-5 students.

Watch this space for an update soon!




Welcome to Pelorus, a fun loving class of years 6-8!

This year we will be continuing our PB4L journey working on positive behaviours that help guide us with learner agency and positive motivation for learning. Students will gain more confidence this year to lead their own learning, learning will be goal and needs driven, but students will also have the opportunity to pursue their own "passion projects".

Reading - Students will be encouraged to "read out of their comfort zone" looking at a variety of different texts and genre. This will be done through novels, news articles, song lyrics, journals and short stories. Students will also be using the library as a source of information and personal reading. We will be using both epic and study ladder as tools to develop listening, and comprehension skills and we will be doing group work to delve deeply into the meaning of texts using inference, developing vocabulary and fluency.

Writing - Students will be taught the process of writing from brainstorming through to publishing finished articles. We will continue to use Sheena Cameron to develop our writing skills, and structured literacy will be used where needed. Students will be encouraged to use their imaginations to write stories and poetry, and they will learn the correct vocabulary and process to write information reports, factual information and write up scientific experiments.

Maths - I am very excited to be introducing Banqer to Pelorus this year. Banqer is an online financial literacy program which incorporates a structured reward scheme for the students. Each student has a bank account which looks very much like a bank account you would get from any of the large banks in NZ. They are able to earn virtual dollar amounts by doing great work, showing and using school values and doing jobs around the school and classroom. It also has structured lessons which we do together about interest, loans, mortgages as well as all aspects of day to day maths. The "money" in the account is then used to bid at an auction twice per term with prizes such as lunch with the teacher, free time, game for the class, stationery, sports equipment etc. Banqer will run throughout our program which will also consist of structured maths lessons teaching strategy and problem solving. We will also be working hard on our basic facts through maths bricks as homework and daily practice.

Health and well-being - this will be woven throughout our learning day, with constant reflection and reference to our PB4L program and values. Circle time and class discussions will be encouraged to sort out any ongoing issues and students are always welcome to come and have a chat one to one whenever needed.

Ngā mihi

Amanda Cockburn



This school and community shared resource has for many years operated under the direction of the Library Committee with generous support from the Marlborough District Libraries.

The school encourages students to borrow books regularly. Indeed parents are encouraged to do so too as a wide range of adult material is available and updated regularly. Books can also be requested from Marlborough Libraries.

Sometimes children will bring home a book that is beyond them and be too difficult for him/her to manage alone. Please enjoy the book together. Your interest and time with them will echo volumes about what you value. If you don’t see your child reading regularly, ask them if you can help, create a time before lights out for some independent or shared reading with you.

The library has a collection of over four thousand books available for loan by both school children and the community. A number of adult fiction books are inter-loaned every two months from the Marlborough District Library, giving a wide selection of choice. This is a very well stocked library, better than one might anticipate. Come and check it out. A variety of periodcials are also available for borrowing.

At the Feb 2013 AGM, apart from the usual agenda, a tidied constitution was adopted by those present. Should you be interested in attending the quarterly committee meetings just keep an eye out in the school newsletter. You are most welcome to attend.

The Community Library hours are 2:00pm – 3:30pm on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


Rita Jacobson, Library Assistant Ph 574 2176 Email ritacolletjacobson@gmail.com

Glenn Webster, Committee Chairperson Ph 520 7491


Throughout the year a number of activities are hosted across the five cluster schools (Waitaria Bay, Linkwater, Havelock, Canvastown and Rai Valley Area) and include public speaking, athletics, cross-country, swimming, Math/Tech Challenge and a non-competitive Top Team event. Incidental activities are also arranged from time to time and can include cricket, tennis, gymnastics, softball, tabloids, volleyball, basketball, netball, rugby and soccer. All activities are constantly under review with the intention that as wide a range as possible is offered. Advance notice is given and help is usually required with transport and a whole day given to the event. The school calendar and HERO notices contain further details about these events.


Year 7 & 8 students attend the Marlborough Technology Centre in Blenheim in four five-week blocks/semesters for practical aspects of the Technology Curriculum. The centre has the facilities to teach all areas of the curriculum: Materials Technology, (textiles, wood, metal, and plastics), Biotechnology, Food Technology, Electronics and Control, Digital Technology, Structures and Mechanisms and Production and Process Technology. Design & Graphics are an integral part of all areas.

Every endeavour will be made to ensure that students cover all technological areas during the two year period they attend the Centre.

A materials fee is charged at the beginning of each year and payable to our school office (included on the stationery list). It covers resources that the students use in the centre or that can be taken home. This includes all fabric or textiles, wood, metal plastics, electronic components and consumable materials such as paper and photocopying.

The safety of students is very important during practical classes. Students are not permitted to work in the centre without covered shoes. Shoes must cover all of the foot up to the ankle. Leather lace up school shoes are the most suitable. Long hair must be tied back. No chains or rings should be worn.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children prepare in adequate time any requirements necessary. This preparation should be seen as an integral part of homework.

From time to time, parents are invited to visit the centre and see one of New Zealand's foremost centres in operation. Do take the opportunity - some great things are done and horizons extended.